Made You Think Episode 007: A Crash Course in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cryptocurrency

I join Taylor Pearson as guests to talk crypto with Nat Eliason and Neil Soni. We cover a wide range of material, including the philosophical origins of cryptocurrencies, the various uses of blockchain technology, and potential opportunities and risks.

Nat Chat Episode 002: Learn Anything One Project at a Time with Adil Majid

On the first full episode of my friend Nat’s podcast, we discuss how I switched into design late in my college career. We touch on effective learning techniques outside of school, evaluating risk-taking, dealing with depression, and more.


Google Design Blog: The First Steps to Landing Your First Design Job

How does being a designer differ at a big company, agency, and startup? Designers from each path share their experiences in this Google Design Blog post. I share a brief tidbit about the fun and challenges of being a designer at an early-stage startup.