Design Book Dive

Last year, I dedicated a few weeks to a focused poker study. During this period I exclusively consumed books, articles, and podcasts about poker. I dropped all other topics until I felt I’d leveled up in the game.

This full-immersion learning in just one topic lead to some of my fastest learning outside of school (not to mention the most fun I’d had in a while). I formalized the process a bit and am starting this year with a three-month design study including personal projects, books, podcasts, and more.

I’ll be reading the following books, publishing my notes on my site, and incorporating the lessons into my projects.

If you’re also reading any of these or have a recommendation for what I could add to this list, drop me a note! I’d love to chat and discuss what we’ve learned.

Outside of books, I’m (finally) starting the Design Details podcast and 99% Invisible podcast. I’ll be sharing my projects on Dribbble and on my new portfolio site (coming soon!)